RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques
I help women in business, who feel held back by depression, self doubt, negativity or fear to achieve massive success and self love.

Do you experience fear or anxiety when flying?
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Do any of the following sound like you?:

* You have too much on your plate and you feel like you might be experiencing symptoms of burnout.

* You feel like you are not enough or you experience depression or anxiety regularly.

*You have "money blocks" or visibility issues in your business.

* You have fears and limiting beliefs and you lack the self confidence needed to step into being the best version of yourself.

* You want to be confident, happy, to find success, inner peace and freedom.

* You have a fear of public speaking, heights, flying or any other fear or phobia.

* You are ready to allow someone to guide and mentor you, to hold you accountable and help you step into the best version of yourself.

My name is Helga Jensdottir and I help women in business explore the emotional connection to their pain or issue and how it is possibly linked to events in their childhood or tendencies to sabotage their progress. 

Using various and unique mixtures of different modalities, including RTT, The Marisa Peer Method,  and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), I help them uproot childhood trauma, adversity or anxiety and let go of their past to help them heal their present and create change in the future.

I offer single sessions, 3 sessions or a brand new, 12 week programme, that includes private sessions with me, homework assignments and hypnotic suggestions specifically crafted for you and your situation.

The link between self love and emotional balance on one hand and financial or personal success on the other hand is very strong.  I have seen so many of my clients transform their success in life by eliminating self doubt, a negative mindset and uprooting childhood issues.

By working with me you will experience a massive breakthrough in a short amount of time. Your confidence will soar and your emotional wellbeing will dramatically transform.

A few examples of the issues I have helped my clients with:
Weight loss
Relationship issues
Lack of self esteem
Edema as a result of emotional trauma
Digestion issues
Fears related to cancer
Many fears and phobias 
and many more....

"I had been to doctors, herbalists, psychologists and browsed on Google for 3 years searching for solutions to my chronic stomach pains and other physical ailments. The pain was so severe, I was prepared to try anything to find 5 minutes of relief. After trying literally everything without as much as an inch of difference, I found Helga."

"The results are a brand new perspective, a ton of emotional and physical relief and peace of mind."
If you are interested in exploring the root cause of your pain and you are ready to let go of your past, click the link below.
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